Clean interface

  • Clipboarder displays the contents of the clipboard. Nothing more, nothing less.

All clipboardformats are saved

  • Clipboarder saves everything you copy to the clipboard or drop onto the gadget. The most common formats are displayed: Images, Files, Text and Links. Even if you copy something unknown to Clipboarder it is saved internally.

Customizable appearance

  • The gadget can be resized at the lower bound. Also you can choose between two widths.
  • Depending on the DPI the gadget is scaled with clear text and icons.

Optimal integration

  • Clipboarder can be set to always on top, to get transparent when the cursor leaves or to be only visible while pressing the windows-key

Easy selection of the right clipboard

  • A clipboard can be selected from the history by moving the current one up and down. This can be done by pressing a key-combination, using the mousewheel or pressing the buttons on the gadget.

Drag & Drop

  • Any content can be dragged into Clipboarder in order to put it easily into the clipboard.
  • Also you can directly drag any content out of the gadget. Images (e.g. a screenshot) can also be dragged directly as files.

Easy access

  • Almost every type of content can be opened with the default program by double-click or with a specific program by right-click on the open button.


  • The hotkey for the selection of the current clipboard can be set to any combination and can also be used while working with another program.
  • The win-key can also be used to show the gadget if it got hidden under other windows.

Pinning clipboards

  • Often used contents can be pinned with one click. Pinned contents remain on the top of the gadget and are always saved on harddrive.

More Features

  • Optionally plays a sound when something is copied.
  • Allows to paste a text unformatted with Ctrl+Shift+V.
  • Copied images can be dragged into an explorer window to directly create a .png file. Alphachannel is supported as well.


  • With 7 Sidebar you can make Clipboarder stay visible at the side of your screen at all times.
  • Learn to use Ctrl+V to paste and Win+V to select an earlier clipboard. Once you get used to it your efficiency will highly increase.
  • You can resize the gadget by grabbing the lower border.
  • You can drop elements onto the gadget and put it into the clipboard that way.
  • You can easily copy multiple elements to another program by first copying each with Ctrl+C, then switching the program, and finally pasting each with Ctrl+V, Win+V.
  • When the gadget is selected, the clipboard can be selected by using the mouse-wheel or the keyboard-arrows.
  • Any clipboard can be dragged out into other programs by moving the icon. Use the right mouse-button to get more options.
  • With the adjustable keyboard shortcut, the clipboard can always be switched, no matter which program is active.
  • Copied links can be opened directly in the browser. You can select the defaultbrowser by right-clicking on the open icon.
  • Want to edit a copied text? Click its icon to open it, edit the text and press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C.
  • You can select the application to open a clipboard with by right-clicking on the open icon. Shift+Enter works as well.
  • Clipboarder will also display copied images. You can drag copied images into explorer windows to create .png files on the fly.
  • A clipboard can be quickly deleted with the middle mouse-button.
  • You can pin a clipboard by clicking on the pin button in the bottom left corner. Pinned clipboards will always stay at the top of the list.
  • If you work with clipboards that consume a lot of memory you can disable the "Monitor clipboard" checkbox. You will still be able to manually capture a clipboard if needed.
  • A screenshot can be copied with the printkey (right to F12). Alt+Print copies the current window.